Lyoto Jerks Off With Jock Strap

What do you do with a jock strap after you are done playing soccer with it?  Well if you are cute straight boy Lyoto Alexander, you are going to use the straps to masturbate with.  Its kinda hot although I wasn’t sure at first.  And it does make sense as you got something to clean the cum up with after you are done blowing your load all over the place.  Just wipe and toss into the washing machine like you were going to anyways.   Thanks goes out to Freshman X for this great set.

Lyoto Alexander Hard Cock

This cute boy pulls his hard cock out from the side of his jock strap and his only goal the rest of the time is to bust his nut.

Lyoto Alexander Bare Ass

Great ass on this boy, but it is very hard to get my eyes of his hard well hung cock.  Damn I’d take every inch of that bad boy.

Lyoto Jock Strap Jerk Off

There he goes jerking off with his jock strap like I told you about earlier.   You must see as he continues his massive masturbation scene until the point of his jizz release.  Boom.

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