Lyoto Alexander In Jock Strap

Say hello to this 6’2 str8 boy Lyoto Alexander as he is just home from a game of soccer with friends in a rec league.  Tired and a bit sweaty, he wants to get out of his uniform and maybe get in a quick jerk off before taking a long hot shower.   By the end of this Freshman X set, Lyoto does indeed find himself rubbing one out, and lucky for us he did it on camera.

Lyoto Alexander Soccer Uniform

Lyoto looking very cute in his soccer uniform.  I’d like to rip those shorts off his body and attack his cock.

Shirtless Athletic Lyoto

With his shirt off, Lyoto starts to work on his sweaty socks.  Come on Lyoto lets see that cock of yours.

Lyoto Alexander Jock Strap

Lyoto has removed his soccer shorts and we see his is still standing in jock strap with his bare ass turned to the camera.  Who wants to take that jock strap off with their mouth and then wreck that ass?

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