Lyoto Jerks Off With Jock Strap

What do you do with a jock strap after you are done playing soccer with it?  Well if you are cute straight boy Lyoto Alexander, you are going to use the straps to masturbate with.  Its kinda hot although I wasn’t sure at first.  And it does make sense as you got something to clean the cum up with after you are done blowing your load all over the place.  Just wipe and toss into the washing machine like you were going to anyways.   Thanks goes out to Freshman X for this great set.

Lyoto Alexander Hard Cock

This cute boy pulls his hard cock out from the side of his jock strap and his only goal the rest of the time is to bust his nut.

Lyoto Alexander Bare Ass

Great ass on this boy, but it is very hard to get my eyes of his hard well hung cock.  Damn I’d take every inch of that bad boy.

Lyoto Jock Strap Jerk Off

There he goes jerking off with his jock strap like I told you about earlier.   You must see as he continues his massive masturbation scene until the point of his jizz release.  Boom.

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Lyoto Alexander Masturbates

Gorgeous boy Lyoto Alexander, is flat on his back, butt ass naked as he is madly stroking away on his firm hard cock.  This hung boy is horny all the time and you will be hard pressed to match his sex drive.  He would however love it if you tried.  This video clip of this sexy str8 boy is from a full length hd video inside Freshman X.

Lyoto is just moments away from busting his nut, but first he is going to get on all fours and continue jerking off.

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Baseball Boy Lyoto Jerks Off

Home from hanging out at the baseball time where he took practice swings with his bat, but also with his cock, Lyoto is ready to jerk off again at home.  You will see in a future post just what kind of things he did at the baseball field, it was very hot.   In this Freshman X photo set, Lyoto pulls down his baseball pants and starts to tug away at his hard cock.

Lyoto Alexander Baseball

Lyoto keeps his pinstripe baseball pants on as he pulls his sweaty t-shirt off his petite tight body.

Lyoto Alexander Athletic Supporter

Those baseball pants have hit the floor and this str8 boy is smiling as he stands before you in just his athletic supporter.

Lyoto Alexander Jerks Off

Lyoto pulls his hard cock out from the athletic supporter and this straight boy starts to pound away at his pud.  He has a great masturbation stroke and it doesn’t take long before his cock is just about ready to pop with a thunderous shot of cum.

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Lyoto Alexander In Jock Strap

Say hello to this 6’2 str8 boy Lyoto Alexander as he is just home from a game of soccer with friends in a rec league.  Tired and a bit sweaty, he wants to get out of his uniform and maybe get in a quick jerk off before taking a long hot shower.   By the end of this Freshman X set, Lyoto does indeed find himself rubbing one out, and lucky for us he did it on camera.

Lyoto Alexander Soccer Uniform

Lyoto looking very cute in his soccer uniform.  I’d like to rip those shorts off his body and attack his cock.

Shirtless Athletic Lyoto

With his shirt off, Lyoto starts to work on his sweaty socks.  Come on Lyoto lets see that cock of yours.

Lyoto Alexander Jock Strap

Lyoto has removed his soccer shorts and we see his is still standing in jock strap with his bare ass turned to the camera.  Who wants to take that jock strap off with their mouth and then wreck that ass?

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Lyoto Strokes Cock In Chair

In this video sample, we stumble upon str8 boy Lyoto Alexander as he is already butt naked in the armchair with his hard cock in hand.  This straight boy slowly teases his dick towards the point of releasing his massive cumshot all over the place.  I’d be remiss if I also didn’t point out his amazing ass.   I’d wreck the shit out of that behind.  Thanks to FreshmanX for the full video.

Work that cock Lyoto!   Let’s see you bust that nut all over your tight body!

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Lyoto Jerks Off In Dugout

Today we are happy to bring you a video featuring Lyoto Alexander with his pants down in the dugout of a local baseball field.  He has his cock in his hand and he is tugging with rapid ferocity.  This str8 boy really wanted to bust a nut in public, so he said it was easy to get hard and pop the cork in the dugout.  The full video from Freshman X shows him pop his load, and then head home to do it again.   What a sex drive on this boy.

Want to see Lyoto Alexander up close and personal as he busts his nut all over his chest?  The you gotta watch the full HD video.

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Well Hung Str8 Boy Lyoto Alexander

If you like your boys fit, smooth and extremely well hung, then you are going to love porn actor Lyoto Alexander.  This athletic str8 boy has stripped out of his baseball uniform and is looking to rub one out before hitting the showers.  But first we ask him to show us his hard well hung cock at full attention.   Which is happy to do, before he resumes masturbating for the camera which was all caught in this Freshman X set.

Lyoto Athletic Supporter

Sitting in the arm chair is the sexy boy Lyto in his athletic supporter.  If the boys on the team only knew how big his snake was under that supporter.

Lyoto Strokes Cock

Dick in hand, Lyoto gives a sly smile as he knows he is about to hit orgasm and on camera which is really a major turn on.

Well Hung Twink Lyoto Alexander

Oh my, now that is a cock I’d love to get in my mouth.  I’d show this guy a trick or two with my tongue.  Follow along the rest of the set as Lyoto starts to really get into his jerk off session.   The load he blows is incredible and his chest gets covered in his cum.

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